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Volunteers - Community/City Journalists/Reporters

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Journalism / Content / Editing.

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Are you passionate about and seek to be part of a social impact project? Do you have what it takes to think out-of-the-box, challenge the status quo and yet be insanely innovative? Are you teachable, coachable and a good team player?

Then here’s an opportunity to learn, hone your skills and grow, as you join other amazing Paruto Volunteers to help bring happenings in cities and communities in your locality and beyond to the limelight!

Paruto is a community-based information hub with the mission to give everyone in every city and community a voice! See more here - www.paruto.io/about  

Location: Virtual/Remote
Duration: 3 months and above (Please only apply if you can commit to this)
Volunteering Benefits: See here - Volunteers - City/Community Reporters

We are currently recruiting volunteers to fill in this opening:

City/Community Journalists/Reporters - At the minimum, you would be required to report on at least 2 happenings in assigned/particular city hotspots daily and amplify same across various social media platforms.


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1 year ago.

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