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Why job unity pro should be your choice.

Search for amazing jobs

Earn money by freelancing.

  • Search for a project you are interested in from a selected project category.
  • Bid on your selected project by entering how much you can do the project for and why you should be selected.
  • If you are selected by the project owner,contact the project owner and start working on the project.
  • After successful completion of the project, you get paid by the project owner.

Search for amazing jobs

Easily search for that amazing job.

Search for amazing jobs by job role, specialization, state or salary range.

Take control of your job search! Job unity pro let's you tailor your job search to match your specialization, salary or state.

Also find recruiters easily and apply for jobs.

Search for amazing jobs

Browse through awesome projects.

Search for amazing projects by project title or from a range of categories you can work on.

Search for amazing jobs

Recruitment application.

By applying for recruitment, your profile would be visible to employers searching for top talent through job unity recruitment service.

Search for amazing jobs

Benefits of our recruitment service.

  • Filter applicants easily to target the best candidates.
  • Easily review and manage applicants.
  • Automatic recruitment operations.
  • Easily convert shortlisted candidate list to PDF format.
  • Dual recruitment mode.
  • Easily manage your jobs and projects posts.
  • Auto bulk email to inform applicants on their job application status.

Search for amazing jobs

Post jobs.

By posting a job, you can easily fill up vacant roles within your company with the specific candidates you require .

You can also track, filter, review and manage all job applications and recruit top talent easily online.

Search for amazing jobs

Post projects.

Get work done faster by posting a project and have skilled freelancers on job unity pro bid on it within minutes.

Search for amazing jobs

Post survey polls.

By posting a survey poll, you can gain useful insights about a subject or know what people think about a question.

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